Our Covid 19 Response

Olmec has been operating a paper free, home and remote access model for 2 years. All of our programmes have been designed to be conducted remotely without losing any quality or the ability for attendees to interact, collaborate and build a peer community. 

Our experience over the 2 years is that the outputs ratio of 75% of people prepared for promotion and into boards is unaffected. The same is true with First Steps in Social Enterprise online, which we have delivered to 50 participants since 2018.

We use video conferencing apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Which can be used for interviews, meetings, supervision, or webinars. The higher functionalities enable us to recreate the classroom and deliver with the ability to use breakout rooms for pair work and group work. 

FFI contact John Mayford FRSA 07872 507489 john.mayford@olmec-ec.org.uk

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