About Olmec

Olmec is a BME led Social Enterprise which champions race equality through economic and social justice. We support people into jobs, into social businesses and on to Boards. We work as a catalyst for social change.


Olmec is looking to recruit a Project Administration Officer to join our dynamic team in the delivery of Black on Board, Rise into Employment, and other training courses. Find out more here >>


It is time to face facts. It is time to acknowledge racism in the UK. It is time to address our present and understand the past. Teach the true horrors of Britain’s colonial past in our schools. Time to tackle the structural causes of racism. Time for black and brown voices to be heard, not marginalised. And to paraphrase the Green movement’s maxim, time to think and link racism globally and act locally. 

John Mayford, Olmec CEO. June 2020.  

“Black lives matter because, yes, we are human. But unfortunately, the way that the world has been shaped, over the last 400 years, we have been made subhuman and we need to bring humanity back.” 

Patrick Vernon OBE, Olmec associate, campaigner, activist, social entrepreneur and cultural historian 

“Why do black lives matter? I think the question is more, why do we need to tell anybody that at all? We deserve the same love and care, the same smiles when you greet us and the same support and recognition as the rest of the global community

Danielle Kow, Black on Board Community 


Read and watch; how to be an ally to the Black Lives Matter Movement

Please see our Black Lives Matter page for more information on how to make a difference; petitions, research, videos and resources.

Other Announcements

Olmec has been operating a paper free, home and remote access model for 2 years. All of our programmes have been designed to be conducted remotely without losing any quality or the ability for attendees to interact, collaborate and build the community you both witnessed first-hand at the graduation ceremonies. 

Our experience over the 2 years is that the outputs ratio of 75% of people prepared for promotion and into boards is unaffected. The same is true with First Steps in Social Enterprise online, which we have delivered to 50 customers since 2018.

We use video conferencing apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Which can be used for interviews, meetings, supervision, or webinars. The higher functionalities enable us to recreate the classroom and deliver with the ability to use breakout rooms for pair work and group work. 

ffi John Mayford FRSA 07872 507489 john.mayford@olmec-ec.org.uk

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Do you feel shut out from technology?

Looking to find a job or change career?
The RISE into Employment programme might just be for you.

RISE is an award winning employability scheme with a success rate of over 60%, shaped by its participants.

RISE offers friendly advice, training, travel expenses, and flexible support to help you into work or a better job.

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Employment Support

Olmec Offer a one-to-one employment support service that can help you get into a job, improve your pay conditions, develop your career and access training.

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Rise Into Employment

Our Rise programme is open to anyone who needs a helping hand to find a new or a better job. The programme includes 6 weeks of group learning and support followed by 4 weeks in a guaranteed volunteer or work placement of your choice and/or 1-2-1 job coaching support.

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First Steps Into Social Enterprise

First Steps in Social Enterprise BME Women is designed to benefit women with a social enterprise idea, sole traders considering social enterprises, new start social enterprises that want to strengthening their model, people or groups considering move from voluntary sector to social enterprise model, or budding social entrepreneurs.

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Black On Board

The Black on Board programme aims to improve the racial diversity on Governing Boards of all kinds of organisation, from civil society and public sector organisations to private sector companies, by delivering professional training that prepares people to become effective Board members.

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Black On Board Community

Black on Board Community was created by the students from the programme who were so positively affected by the training. The group realised that training and mentoring, allied to the building of community is a powerful tool. They wanted a grassroots member organisation that provided ongoing learning and peer support, open to everyone in the UK.

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Race Equality through economic and social justice