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A Different Kind of Employment Programme

Different people have different barriers and needs to achieving their potential and accessing sustainable and meaningful employment. Other employment schemes often place people into the market before they are job-ready, a potentially demoralising and damaging experience for some.

The award-winning RISE approach is different, being highly tailored to individual needs. The focus of RISE is to build confidence and help people to help themselves in overcoming the barriers they may experience by working in a peer-learning environment, with a skilled facilitator, resulting in improved life chances for themselves and their families.


Rise Works

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Overcoming Barriers
Rise is highly tailored to individual needs. The programme works to build confidence, self-esteem and remove barriers.
Rise is delivered in cohorts, where time is spent building each small community, creating a group that trusts and supports one another.
Long term success
Rise focusses on a people, not numbers approach. By working on important foun-dations with each individual, the majority of attendees achieve long-term employ-ment success.
“RISE gave me the ability to believe in myself.”

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