“Black lives matter for one simple fact, we are human beings. There is a lot going on, we’ve been subject to injustice and inequalities for far too long. It’s ingrained in British society, it’s not just the US. The whole British Empire was built on the back of slavery.

When you go to the museum, it’s everybody elses history. The main thing they took from us was our people, they took our heritage, they took our culture, they took our names away from us. In every single aspect of society, we are victimized, we are discriminated [against], we are looked down on.

One last thing is, I attended the protest over the weekend, and the amount of solidarity, the amount of support there is from non-BME. non-black people. It’s astonishing and we need them on board, we cannot do this alone, it has to start from within. Black lives matter, united we stand.”

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