Dr Curtis Asante


Curtis is Interim Co-Chair and is currently the Associate Director of Members’ Programmes at the Microbiology Society where he oversees activities that span conferences and events, policy and engagement, and journal development. Part of Curtis’s role at the Microbiology Society is ensuring effective and robust relationships with the Society’s Council of Trustees, Executive Officers, Chairs and Chairs-Elect of the Society’s Committees Panels, Divisions and Editorial Boards. Prior to this, Curtis was a research Programme Manager at Cancer Research UK, where he was also the Co-Chair of the Race Equality and Equity Network. Curtis held previous roles as a scientific Project Manager at King’s College London and at as a Senior Editor at Springer Nature. Curtis holds a PhD in neuropharmacology from University College London and carried out postdoctoral research in neuroanatomy at Columbia University and the City College of New York.

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