Georgina Lauren Thompson

100 Great Black Women Speak

Gina is a creative entrepreneur working as a social media content creator, vocal coach and dance teacher. She also loves to paint in her spare time; however, she wasn’t always fully immersed in the creative industry as she is today. Gina went through the typical trajectory of life by going to school, sixth form and then on to university. At Portsmouth University she studied a business degree followed by completing a graduate scheme within months of graduating. After working my way up within the grad scheme, she realised that it didn’t bring her joy and as a firm believer of doing what you enjoy and enjoying what you do, she transitioned into the creative industry. It took a leap of faith and turned out to be one of her best life choices. Gina says that she is very blessed to be in a position where she can teach and inspire the next generation through dance.

Georgina Lauren Thompson
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