Fredericka Charles

100 Great Black Women Speak

Fredericka Charles, Author, speaker, health and fitness professional, yoga and meditation teacher, helping individuals to rebuild, renew and re-energise their lives.

Working in the field of Health and Fitness for almost 30 years out of love. Fredericka helps people to take control of their thoughts and their actions, thus taking control of their lives and happiness. Author of Diary of a Desperate Mother, Battling Eczema and Allergies. This book came out of the battle she felt when her son was born with these conditions. Fredericka was motivated to support the thousands of parents that can benefit. Frederika is writing a series  of children’s books.

“Our food is our medicine. What we put into our mouths as well as our minds, is of great importance.”

Fredericka makes and sells a range of breads, pancakes and granola. For more information contact Fredericka @freddie.charles 07590 402039 or

Fredericka Charles
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