Francine Wealth

100 Great Black Women Speak

Francine is a kind and loving person who is always there for others, come rain or sunshine. She is charismatic, always ready to listen and help. She is caring and always have other’s interest at heart in all that she does. She is ambitious and a go-getter who is ready to seize opportunities when they arise. She is unafraid of trying new things and sure does know how to speak her mind. Francine has overcome a lot to be where she is today. She is passionate about domestic violence and abused women and girls in particular. Her dream is to become a lawyer and an advocate for the cause in her community and around the world one day. She is passionate about Equal Rights and opportunities for all, and as such Francine continues to work hard in personal development to achieve these goals. She put herself up to join the BOB programme, and today is looking to become a Board Member where she can have a voice and influence decision-making. Francine still has a lot to offer the world and we can’t wait to celebrate more of her accomplishments!

Francine Wealth
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