Step Change

Step ChangeStep Change is Olmec’s bespoke consultancy service which supports the needs of client organisations in managing and responding to change.

“We work with you to identify key issues and tailor solutions accordingly”

Who is it for?

  • Organisations managing change (planning for growth or scaling back)
  • Individuals evaluating current business models (co-operative or social enterprise)
  • Organisations moving from Charity to social enterprise status
  • Organisations planning business succession
  • Social enterprises who have reached the growth stage

What will it give me?
Whatever the focus, Olmec’s consultants will work with you to identify mission critical issues and undertake crucial changes to your business model.

How do I book?
Please call John Mayford on 0207 688 8019 or email

Price: On application

“Has helped me to get to the next stage after the nature of the business changed”  Divine Communications Trust, Viv Oyolu

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