First Steps in Social Enterprise

Are you a budding female social enterpreneur from a Black and Minority Ethnic backgound and have a business idea for a social enterprise that will benefit the wider community?

First Steps in Social Enterprise programme is for you!

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First StepsFirst Steps in Social Enterprise is a 10-12 week business planning programme led by highly-experienced social enterprise business specialists. Participants with social entrepreneurial ideas receive support to systematically map their business planning process.

“First Steps taught me what ‘fit for purpose’ really means”

Annetta Bennett, Impact Diversion

“Working with Olmec on the development of the
business plan has brought a fresh perspective and new
skills to HustleBucks”.

Samuel Alebioshu

Who is it for?

  • Organisations moving from charity to social enterprise status
  • Individuals developing an existing social enterprise business model
  • Individuals who want to test the viability of their new social enterprise idea

What will it give me?

The sessions are driven by your social enterprise journey. First Steps will help you systematically map the mission-critical areas of your business plan, engaging practical tools, legal and financial knowledge, and business theory to support your social enterprise.

You will:

  • define your product and target market
  • explore the viability, human resources, profitability, delivery plan
  • learn about quality assurance systems and social impact issues in a peer context

When and where is it delivered?

Olmec delivers First Steps when grant funding or programme sponsors provide the resources.  All announcements about upcoming programmes will be made on this website and through our social media channels.


First Steps in Social Enterprise 2018

Ready To Grow 2018-20

If your organisation would like to commission a run of First Steps in your community please contact John Mayford

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