Diversity & Inclusion

Midnimo_thumb“Enabling diversity to act as a prime asset for your organisation.”

Our diversity and inclusion programmes will fully harness the creativity, skills and professionalism of individuals, allowing the potential within your organisation to flourish and excel.

We will put you in touch with your staff, your customers, your communities and your markets – with tangible, measurable benefits.

We will help you to mainstream equality and diversity in all the work you do.

Turning diversity from a barrier into an asset

Midnimo takes a compelling and ground-breaking approach to programme design that will radicalise and refresh your approach to inclusion.

Our programmes draw together the USP’s of Olmec, Astar and Trescom – three cutting edge diversity practitioners that have over 33 years’ experience in the field.

From identifying the issues through to bespoke programmes, Midnimo offers a safe pair of hands to assist you through your equality journey – supported by experienced professionals we will help you navigate your way to becoming diversity exemplars.

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Meg Hillier MP:

“As a Hackney MP I so often meet people who want to contribute to their community but don’t have the confidence to put themselves forward. Olmec’s work is great news – not only does it help a wide range of people to participate but it creates role models so we can hope for better representation, reflecting our communities in future.”

Here’s what BT Openreach Diversity Ambassadors had to say:

‘I started with no knowledge – I now feel very well briefed now and ready to pass on my knowledge’

‘We have a great opportunity to start Openreach on the right path’

‘This training is one of the best packages I have seen in over 35 years working for BT/Openreach’

Matthew James – General Manager Equality and Change Programme:

“Trescom are a young and dynamic organisation that has a readiness to go the extra mile when there is certainty of an activity generating high impact outcomes”.