“Our programmes fully harness the creativity, skills and professionalism of individuals allowing the potential within to flourish and excel”

“Olmec is starting to make a creative impact in a multi-ethnic and, in some ways, hard to reach community where little has been attempted before. I look forward confidently to seeing the work continue and grow in effectiveness.”

Michael O’Connell, Bolney Meadow Community Board

“The founders of AGT Social have participated in the Step Ahead course run by Olmec, to support us in becoming investment ready, provide guidance on our leadership and governance, and to help us with measurement of the social impact of our enterprise. Olmec’s continued support will help us improve our turnover and also develop productive methods of engaging with stakeholders.  Without their advice, direction and belief in the concept of AGT Social we may not have got this far as quickly as we have.”

AGT Social

“The First Steps in Social Enterprise Programme gave HFT CIC the opportunity and privilege of learning with other Social Entrepreneurs. This paved the way for all students involved to share their ideas, learn new skills and strengths, and produce a business plan, by simply completing the assignments with the support of all involved. The First Steps in Social programme proved to be a great success for HFT CIC.  “The course has completed changed the direction of my life. It’s structured in a way where you’re given tailored advice and takes you through the process of a business plan with an expert.”

Natasha Henry, Health First Training CIC

“Working with Olmec on the development of the business plan has brought a fresh perspective and new skills to HustleBucks”

Irina Winfield, Byron’s Language Club

“We think the Olmec programme was a real investment in knowledge – the type of which pays the best interest.”

Samuel Alebioshu, HustleBucks

“As a Hackney MP I so often meet people who want to contribute to their community but don’t have the confidence to put themselves forward. Olmec’s work is great news – not only does it help a wide range of people to participate but it creates role models so we can hope for better representation, reflecting our communities in future.”

Meg Hillier MP

BT Openreach Diversity Ambassadors: 

“I started with no knowledge – I now feel very well briefed now and ready to pass on my knowledge”

“We have a great opportunity to start Openreach on the right path.”

“This training is one of the best packages I have seen in over 35 years working for BT/Openreach”

The people we helped into work:

“Solid Foundations’ help and support began from the word ‘go’ and has been invaluable: job opportunities, one-on-one tutoring in interview techniques and body language – I could go on! The new skills I have learnt have given me immense confidence and self-belief.”

“I have been registered with Olmec for some time. I have received vacancy information and support in interview techniques and work placements. These services are very important for unemployed people like me and make a huge difference in the life of job seekers. I find this organisation very important and appreciate their hard work and diligent services.”

The Social Enterprises:

“OLMEC….You are all that I need. I am forever in debt with you”

Kidbrooke Community Enterprise

“It’s invaluable even from just seeing and meeting other social enterprises and start-ups in my same situation. Encouraging!”

“Wonderful structure and very student-centric, Sam Obeng is a superb trainer.”

“It’s invaluable even from just seeing and meeting other social enterprises and start-ups in my same situation.  Encouraging!”

“I made new contacts and identified 2 new opportunities to pursue.”

“First Steps taught me what ‘fit for purpose’ really means.”

Annetta Bennett, Impact Diversion

“This programme has worked for me – let it to work for you.”

Rosa Goncalves, Guarida Community Café

“We are highly appreciative for the valuable advice and information you give us. Your knowledgeable insights and experiences will be a great help to our organisation.”


“Thank you for your great work and brilliant support you have been a real asset to Daddy CPR LTD”

Daddy CPR Ltd

“This Step Ahead programme is really yielding some good outcomes, thanks to your commitment and belief in what we are doing.”

Hands Inc

“Has helped me to get to the next stage after the nature of the business changed.”

Viv Oyolu, Divine Communications Trust

“It’s really motivating to have someone to bounce things off.”

G.E.T. Game

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