Role Models

Olmec acknowledges role models from around the world who have fought for justice and equality; values which are integral to our work. Below is a short synopsis on a few of them.

Sarojini NaiduEquality

Sarojini Naidu (right)

‘The Nightingale of India’

Sarojini was not only the first woman to become president of the Indian National Congress, but also the first woman to become Governor of a state. Sarojini was also a child prodigy and entered Madras University at the astonishing age of twelve. By sixteen she was studying at Kings College London.


Blair Peach

Policing Powers

New Zealand-born teacher Blair Peach was an ardent opponent of Apartheid and an active trade unionist. He was killed tragically in 1979 after taking part in an anti-Nazi demonstration outside a National Front meeting in Southall, London.

Naga communityCommunity Empowerment


Close-knit communities

The Naga tribes live in the mountains at the cross roads between the North East Indian state of Nagaland, Burma and China.The strength of village and tribal loyalty in Nagaland is renowned. Each village acts as a separate, independent fiefdom led up by the most successful head-hunter who consults with a pan-Naga Council of Village Elders to deal with disputes between clans.

Steve BikoRace Equality: Fight against Apartheid

Steve Biko

‘Black is beautiful’

South African Steve Biko was at the forefront of the fight against Apartheid.He started rallying against the system whilst at university, resigning from the South African Students’ Union because he felt black students’ needs were ignored. He established his own, more egalitarian students’ union (the South African Students’ Organisation, SASO) and was elected its president.

Reproduced – courtesy of: NHHG