Olmec Staff Team

Meet the hard working team at Olmec who deliver a professional service to communities in London.

Andrew Mistry
Andrew Mistry,
Impact Assessment Researcher
T: 0207 688 8019
John Mayford CEO
John Mayford,
Chief Executive and
Social Enterprise Contact
T: 0207 688 8019
E: john.mayford@olmec-ec.org.uk
Kumba Jobe Employment advisor
Kumba Jobe,
Employment advisor
T: 0207 688 8019
M: 07715 069874
E: kumba.jobe@olmec-ec.org.uk
Tariq Suleiman,
Employment Advisor
T: 0207 688 8019
M: 07736 291 531
E: tariq.suleiman@olmec-ec.org.uk
Webi Anyia,
Operations Director
T: 0207 688 8019
M: 079 7200 7412
E: iwebunor.anyia@olmec-ec.org.uk


To supplement the Staff Team, Olmec has assembled a number of Associates upon whom it can call when extra capacity or specialisms are required.

Sam Obeng-Dokyi

Principal consultant at CDSE Ltd, Sam has designed and delivered numerous training programmes for Olmec including the acclaimed Black on Board governance training and the highly successful First Steps in Social Enterprise.  Sam has also provided business planning and enterprise development consultancy to Olmec social enterprise clients.

Annetta Bennett

Annetta is a Safeguarding and Equalities Consultant and brings over twenty-five years experience in social care to Olmec.

She has extensive expertise in developing resources, implementing policies and national standards, promoting the rights and needs of children, young people and families impacted by a range of societal issues.   She has held various roles protecting and safeguarding children, young people and adults from exploitation and abuse.  She is well known for public-speaking, lecturing and as a provider of social care training in the voluntary, private and public sectors.
In addition, Annetta’s other specialist areas are in the field of culture, diversity and equalities.  She actively promotes culturally sensitive practice enabling individuals to be treated with equal concern whilst acknowledging their individual needs. Her aim is to widen participation and strengthen BME communities through inclusive engagement and partnership working.

Isis Amlak

Isis brings over twenty five years experience to Olmec as a strategic Senior Manager, an Activist, Equality and Diversity specialist and Human Rights specialist with expertise in social welfare policy for the voluntary sector.

She is currently a freelance consultant and trainer.  As a resident of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, she is active in local democracy and is currently a trustee of the Octavia Foundation, Vice Chair the local Community Police Engagement Group. Isis represents BME community interests at Carnival on the Police’s Strategic Planning GOLD Group and chairs her local Community Monitoring Group, which monitors Stop & Search.
Isis has extensive experience as an advocate, community development worker, and in capacity building for the third sector. She possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills which she has demonstrated as a writer and lobbyist.

Nathan Brown

Nathan is a social enterprise and co-operative advisor & trainer holding a Certificate in Social Enterprise Support and a Certificate in Training Practice.  He has delivered training as part of the First Steps in Social Enterprise programme and occasional sessions for social enterprises on the Step Ahead programme. He has also provided research and business development planning for Olmec clients.  He is Olmec Co-operative CIC’s principal consultant for work delivered on behalf of the Co-operative Enterprise Hub.

Bruce Wood

Bruce is a social finance specialist, having worked for London Rebuilding Society and SEL.  He regularly delivers social enterprise finance training sessions for the Step Ahead programme, and has also been used for business planning consultancy.